A platform to develop committed, confident and ethical leaders

Greenhorn was founded in 2008 with a vision to create future globally competitive leaders who span the public, private and the non-governmental sectors by pairing young dynamic minds with the best industry practitioners who have shown exemplary achievements in their respective career paths.
We instill a global mindset in our members and culture a sustainable, positive change to drive vision and create value in organizations they join.
We aim to serve as the industry link through which university students can learn about what the industry is looking for from young upcoming professionals, and have the best known corporate disciplines passed on to them - we are the link attracting brainpower from both worlds.


Through mentorship, build outstanding individuals who have a positive impact on society

Our Values


We plan thoroughly for each task, anticipate potential problems and plan to exceed goals as we push ourselves and others to excel.


We recognise personal differences and values, and actively seek to understand other people's point of view by considering their ideas open-mindedly.


We embrace teamwork and collaboration, interdependence and cooperation among members.


We maintain the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality in our tasks and actively invite constructive criticism in every area of our program.

Continuous People Development

We challenge conventional thinking, constantly re-evaluate our own skills and capabilities, and create personal development plans for our members. We also use every assignment as an opportunity to learning something new.

Our Sponsors