Greenhorn Mentorship Program's core purpose and goals are centered on the mentees. As an integral stakeholder of the initiative that is ran by and for students, mentees have the crucial role among many, to steer the mentorship relationship towards a positive direction. They get a chance to undergo training and sensitization to adequately understand their roles and responsibilities.

Mentorship as our main platform takes two forms, the one on one mentorship and one to many mentorship which we, at Greenhorn, refer to as round table discussions. This is at the heart of what we do and mentees who are the drivers of these relationship have a key responsibility in the trajectory the program takes.

Contact talks on personal development, career guidance; leadership conferences; networking events (Mingle and dinner) are just but a few of the avenues mentees in the program are exposed to, moulded and transitioned into good leaders of the future in various fields! Mentees not only attend and participate in these activities, but they are oftenly involved in planning! Greenhorn is the place where holistic guidance is provided to mentees who show commitment, resilience and most importantly the will to learn!