Our Team

The Greenhorn Team is made up of knowledgable intellects who are passionate about Mentorship.

Board of Advisors

Althea McCourt

Catherine Khabure

Margaret Ogode

2018/2019 Executive Team

Carol Mugo


Diana Bichanga

Vice President


Financial Director

Faith Kavetsa

Mentee Affairs Director

Adan Gulleid

Assistant Mentee Affairs Director

Joseph Mbage

Alumni Affairs Director

Bokayo Jattani

Mentor and Alumni Affairs Director

Mary Njeri

Mentor Affairs Director

Renee Ita

Institutional Affairs Director

Ally Gakweli

Assistant Instutional Affairs Director

Janet Mwende

ICT and Publicity Director


Assistant ICT and Publicity Director

2017/2018 Executive Team

Brian Ronoh


Lilian Wambui

Vice President

Amanda Tanui

Financial Director

Emmanuel Terer

Assistant Financial Director

Shufaa Salim

Veteran Mentor Affairs Director

Diana Bichanga

Assistant Veteran Mentor Affairs Director

Mark Brian Muli

Publicity Director

Winnie Nyambeki

Greenhorn Mentor Affairs Director

Wendy Owino

Mentee Affairs Director

Irene Kimbui

Institutional Mentorship Affairs Director

Carol Mugo

Assistant Institutional Mentorship Affairs Director

Michael Amiro

ICT Director

Former Executive Team

Mentorship Year 2015/2016

Basil Menachem

Former President

Vanessa Orinda

Former Mentee Affairs

From the President's Desk

"Greenhorn is the place where holistic guidance is provided to mentees who show commitment, resilience and most importantly the will to learn! If you haven't, join this amazing society!"

- Carol Mugo


Greenhorn Mentorship Program